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Just look at this beautiful family.  I was so grateful to be welcomed into their home and be invited into their life for a few hours.  When it comes to newborns I prefer to shoot in the home if at all possible.  It’s more comfortable for the mother and baby and makes for a relaxed session.  And if you’re thinking, my home won’t look good for pictures, there is ALWAYS a place!  My mobile studio is equipped with lighting so there is never a bad location.

Getting images with their three year old son was important as well.  When he had enough of being photographed we took a little break and I followed him around while he played with his toys.  That’s when I was able to get this precious candid of him curled up in his chair.

Their baby girl was 4 weeks old when we shot the session.  She was already getting quite alert so we photographed more expression and relationship type of poses.  This one of big brother leaning down to kiss his little sister was the most precious! Don’t you think?

How did they use their images?  A Wall Collage!  This was their first time finally having family photos in their home.  This display is prominent in the family room.  They chose to use frameless standouts for a sleek modern feel.  I get so excited to see the final product on the wall.  The photo session is not done until there is a final product to be proud of.